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Translated by: Daniel Prinz

In January 2006 Europe and the world saw the birth of a brand new and unusual political movement with the official registration of the Pirate Party in Sweden. The primary and almost only goal of the organization that since then has become world-famous and gained political power is the complete reform of copyright law and the promotion of the freedom of file sharing and downloading. But is this all?

translated by: Daniel Prinz

Our culture on the northwestern part of the Earth is a rather strange one. We value human life, although we disagree on the issue of what human life exactly is. Life is a process, without black and white borderlines defined by nature. Even the beginning and the end, betwixt and between – constantly widened by technology. Thus we make laws, arbitrarily defining the beginning of life: for some reason the 46 chromosomes within the cell are human, the same twice 23 a spare second earlier in two cells are not. When reaching the age of 18, one is considered an adult – whether she likes it or not. Our ancestors thought that someone, whose heart or respiration stopped working is dead. Today, we routinely bring people back from this state, and associate death with the termination of brain functions. Hence, it is crucial that with the evolution of our conception of life and the broadening of our knowledge we discuss our rights regarding our choice of life and death.
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Emberi Jogok Egyetemes Nyilatkozata

Emberi Jogok Egyetemes Nyilatkozata

Elfogadva és kihirdetve az ENSZ Közgyűlésének 217 A (III) határozata alapján, 1948. december 10-én.

A 30 pontból álló Nyilatkozat az élet minden területét felölelő jogokról és szabadságjogokról szól. Elolvashatjátok és megismerhetitek oldalunkon.


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